Three characteristics of modern CNC lathes

来源: 作者: 2022-06-21

As a typical mechatronics product, the CNC machine tool plays a very key role in large-scale and efficient mechanical production. Modern CNC lathes are becoming more and more widely used, which is inseparable from its three major characteristics:

1. High speed

With the rapid development of the automobile, national defense, aerospace, and other industries and the application of new materials such as aluminum alloys, the requirements for high-speed CNC machine tools are getting higher and higher.

For example, Jiamengzi GX460LY turn-milling compound CNC machine tool, spindle speed: the maximum spindle speed of the machine tool spindle can reach 6000r/min; feed speed: X, Z axis rapid traverse rate is up to 20m/min, which can obtain complex precision machining; Tool change speed: The tool change speed of the Taiwan King Kong Heart Power Turret is even faster.

2. High precision

The accuracy requirements of CNC machine tools are not limited to static geometric accuracy. More and more attention has been paid to the motion accuracy, thermal deformation, and vibration monitoring and compensation of CNC machine tools.

3. Functional Compounding

The meaning of a compound machine tool is to realize or complete the processing of various elements from blank to finished product on one machine tool as much as possible. GX460LY turning and milling compound CNC machine tool can complete turning, milling, drilling, tapping, and other processes. It can complete the finishing of complex parts in one form. With the continuous improvement of modern machining requirements, a large number of multi-axis CNC machine tools are increasingly welcomed by major enterprises.

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